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Issue #2: Escaping Browser Tabs Without Losing Our Souls

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Are you still trying to figure out what this whole PWA thing is about? Here’s some seminal reading to get up to speed:

Progressive Web Apps: Escaping Tabs Without Losing Our Soul

In the blog post that started the whole PWA movement, Alex Russell defines the nine attributes that make a web app a progressive web app.

What, Exactly, Makes Something A Progressive Web App?

Another post from Alex Russell, this time with more details on what makes for a good progressive web app.

Progressive Web Apps Simply Make Sense

PWA’s are “a no-brainer for most businesses”, and Jason Grigsby lays out six simple reasons why.

You Might Not Need Electron

A review of the native-like capabilities built into modern browsers, and appeal to developers that they might not need to use Electron to build their next project.

PWA Stats

A community-driven list of stats and case studies that demonstrate the impact of PWA’s on the businesses that have adopted them. It’s a very handy resource if you’re trying to convince decision makers on the viability of PWA’s.


Now that you’ve got the context, here’s the must read & watch tutorials to get a handle on the basics of PWAs:

The Service Worker Lifecycle

If there’s anything tricky about Service Workers, it’s their installation, activation and update life cycle - which this article explains in full detail.

The Offline Cookbook

This excellent resource, also from Jake Archibald, quickly shows how to implement over a dozen common Service Worker installation and resource caching patterns.

There is a Proxy* in Your Browser

The always phenomenal Ilya Grigorik presents a Service Worker 101 and caching strategy session at Velocity conference.

Streaming Service Workers: Live Code Session - Supercharged

In this Supercharged Live Code Session, Jake Archibald and Das Surma implement a streaming Service Worker, coding in real time, bugs and all!


The PWA community now has an officially unofficial logo to represent PWA’s. There was a contest held on GitHub, and a winner has been announced. In fact, the winning logo is the one used for PWA Gazette!

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Written on July 25, 2017